PatternLab for Proteomics

Our Team

Paulo C Carvalho
Computational Mass Spectrometry Group Leader
Fiocruz/PR - Brazil

Diogo B Lima
Research Fellow
Computational Proteomics

Institut Pasteur - Paris

Felipe V Leprevost
Research Fellow
Supervisor: Dr. Alexey Nesvizhskii
University of Michigan - USA
Computational Mass Spectrometry Group Alumni

Marlon D M Santos
Undergraduate Student

Positivo University - Brazil

Valmir C Barbosa
Professor in computer science
PESC / COPPE / Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

⇒ This Computational Mass Spectrometry group is accredited by the Brazilian National Research Council.


Dalton Mass Spectrometry Lab
Unicamp - Brazil
Group Leader: Fabio C Gozzo

Toxinology Laboratory
Fiocruz/RJ - Brazil
Group Leader: Jonas E A Perales

Proteomics Unit

Chemistry Institute/UFRJ - Brazil
Group Leader: Gilberto B Domont

Hermjakob Group
Bioinformatician: Yasset P Riverol

Yates Laboratory
The Scripps Research Institute - USA
Group Leader: John R Yates III

Important Links

Proteomics Identifications Database (PRIDE)

⇒ A public repository of protein and peptide identifications for the proteomics community.


⇒ UniProt is a comprehensive, high-quality and freely accessible database of protein sequence and functional information.