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Around 75% of all mass spectra remain unidentified by widely adopted proteomic strategies. DiagnoProt is an integrated computational environment that can efficiently cluster millions of spectra and use machine learning to shortlist high-quality unidentified mass spectra that are discriminative of different biological conditions.

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DOI of the manuscript

André R F Silva*, Diogo B Lima*, Alejandro Leyva, Rosario Duran, Carlos Batthyany, Priscila F Aquino, Juliana C Leal, Jimmy E Rodriguez, Gilberto B Domont, Marlon D M Santos, Julia Chamot-Rooke, Valmir C Barbosa, and Paulo C Carvalho, “DiagnoProt: a tool for discovery of new molecules by mass spectrometry”, Bioinformatics (2017) 33 (12): 1883-1885.

DOI of the manuscript

Diogo B Lima, André R F Silva, Mathieu Dupré, Marlon D M Santos, Milan A Clasen, Louise U Kurt, Priscila F Aquino, Valmir C Barbosa, Paulo C Carvalho, Julia Chamot-Rooke “Top-Down Garbage Collector: a tool for selecting high-quality top-down proteomics mass spectra”, Bioinformatics (2019).